We are looking for edgy, cut above the rest, innovations with great prospects for success. 

Keen individuals and entrepreneurs are invited to submit their ideas. Shortlisted innovations will pitch their ground-breaking ideas and solutions to a panel of judges, investors, funders and sponsors using the elevator pitch method. 


The best ideas will proceed to the next level, which is a formal process where the full business idea will be submitted to HD Innovation HUB. This is where exposure and interaction between successful applicants and interested investors, judges and/or sponsors will be facilitated.

Complete the form or simply email your comprehensive pitch deck to innovate@hdafrika.net 

End-Users/research & development 

The Digital age is upon us and companies can no longer afford to operate un-digitalised or under-digitalised. Our current reality is that we have been thrust into the 4IR whether we were ready for it or not, there are only two options, to sink or to swim. We are here to help you swim (read:digitize). 

Pivot or cease to exist?

We will not only help you pivot, we intend to help you thrive. Obtain and maintain the competitive advantage you know you need to operate in the new era. 

Tell us what your problem is and we'll search the continent for a tailor made solution just for you. 

email: Innovate@hdafrika.net